Monday, October 22, 2007

My, How Time Flies

It seems like yesterday (almost) that we rolled back into Saint Quentin after completing Paris-Brest-Paris on our fixed-gear bicycle. We had high hopes of posting entries from the course, hopes that were dashed on the rocks of rain, fatigue, and a stunning lack of internet access in the French countryside. We did take a lot of photos, however, which are available here. In case you're interested, you can also find photos of our PBP bicycle here (scroll down to see our green Quickbeam). The photo that appears with this posting is of us (Eric) sleeping on the floor at Carhaix on the return leg. We found the PBP poster laying around, and it worked perfectly to keep the cold breezes off while we snoozed. Total sleep for the 83 hours we rode was about three hours.

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Blogger AFC said...


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