Monday, June 26, 2006

Day Ten: Up, Up, Up

Our tenth day of riding started in Rico (elev. 8,800 feet) and quickly ascended to our first alpine pass at Lizard Head summit (elev. 10,222). We were also treated to our first doses of Rocky Mountain scenery--craggy peaks with snow clinging to their summits, and gorgeous valleys and mountain towns. Lunch was at "Tru Grit," a restaurant in Ridgway dedicated to John Wayne. Great food. A few riders got caught in a flash hailstorm on the heights.
Tomorrow, we climb again, this time to the highest point the ride will reach: Monarch Pass, at 11,312 feet.
BTW, in the second photo, Bo and Mojo are discussing ride strategy with Groovy Boy. His advice? "Ride Groovy" Learn more about Groovy Boy here


Blogger Burrito Bro said...

I can't imagine doing all this, even using all 20 of my gears! You are setting the bar very high for all of us back in the flatlands. Keep up the great work, everyone. I also second the question: What the heck is "EFI"? Extrovert Fixie Individuals?

6:07 PM  

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