Saturday, June 24, 2006

What It's Really About

One of our sag workers, Kim Hanlin, marked a sad anniversary today--six months ago today, her grandson, Tucker, passed away after battling Histiocytosis for 14 months. Only 18 months old when he left this world, Tucker spent most of his life in the hospital battling the disease.
Kim graced us with a great video about Tucker and his short, valiant, and happy life.
What is the Big Fix all about? It's about kids like Tucker who need the help of researchers who are trying to find a cure for this disease. As Kim said, it's about using our legs to battle hills and help raise awareness.
You can help! Donate generously to the Big Fix. For details, go to
Follow the easy directions to donate online. All of the Histio kids around the world thank you.


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