Monday, June 19, 2006

Day Three: Fallon to Austin

It's almost 5 pm and we're getting ready to have dinner here in Austin, NV. Everyone finished the 112-mile ride from Fallon, NV, by about 2:30, and we've been showering, washing our clothes, and staking out places to sleep in the gymnasium at the local high school.
Today's ride was a little easier than yesterday. Not as much climbing (but still several 6,000-foot-plus passes) and a little less distance. Almost everyone finished the entire distance today.
We had one minor mishap--Ike touched wheels in a paceline and went down on the pavement about 50 miles out. He was taken back to Fallon, where they diagnosed a separated shoulder and advised him to ride again tomorrow until it hurts too much.
Tomorrow's ride (and the day after) promise to be much harder. The climbing begins in earnest, the mileage goes up, and the suffering quotient gets higher.


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