Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day Twelve: Down From the Mountain

Today, we descended out of the last tall mountains that the Big Fix will see, completing the descent that began yesterday when we crested the Continental Divide and ended the day in Salida, Colorado. Our day began with a sumptuous breakfast cooked for us by Jenny, wife of rider Steve. It was a delicious way to start the day.
Day 12 began a series of flat or mildly downhill days that will continue through the Great Plains. At the same time, the scenery changed--we started the day riding through the Arkansas River canyon, and ended in what is essentially the western shore of the Great Plains. No more soaring mountains or sculpted mesas for us ...
At about the halfway point, we stopped at Royal Gorge to see the world's highest suspension bridge--1,053 feet over the Arkansas River. It was a great, relaxing interlude.
The weather once again smiled on us--rain threatened, and we were sprinkled on at Royal Gorge, but we once again remained blessedly dry.
In Pueblo, we were hosted to dinner by the great people at the First United Methodist Church. Afterwards, most of the riders and a few friends and family went out for dessert--we riders in particular have acquired an amazing ability to eat, and eat, and eat.
We were joined at dinner by young Darryl McPadden, who recently underwent back surgery to correct damage in her spine caused by Histiocytosis. In one of the photos below, she shows what happens when you eat too much cotton candy ...
Today was the last day of riding for Steve, who rode with us for the past seven days. Steve will be taking a few days off the bike to let his nether regions heal up.
Tomorrow: More mildly downhill riding to Eads, Colorado.


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Hey, I recognize that Massachusetts flag. Are you thinking about the end of the ride? Keep up the great work - both riders and support crew!


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