Friday, July 07, 2006

Day 21: Two Crashes and a Barbeque

Report from the road: Today's ride started with a crossing of the Wabash River amid a thick, tule fog with temps in the 50s. A rather uneventful day ... well, except for two crashes:
  • Crash #1: Those awful rumble strips claimed another victim. The group was riding to the right of the rumble strip when Mojo saw a pile of gravel coming up in their path. He went left, but Ken hit the gravel and went down (that's his knee in today's earlier post). This was Ken's third crash of the trip.
  • Crash #2: A fist-sized rock thrown up by a rumble strip went under Ike's wheel, causing him to crash.
Both Ken and Ike are OK--Ike was contesting sprints later in the day.

Today's ride was 107 miles with minimal climbing (and a little shorter than the route sheet estimated). The host for tonight in Fort Wayne, IN, is Joe Endres; a barbeque is planned for dinner.

As of today, only three of riders on the road are EFI: Greg, Ricky, and Mojo. (What is EFI? We'll tell you ... soon.)

Tomorrow, however, is 185 miles ... then the riders get to take a day off and spend two nights in a sumptuous hotel in Cleveland, where Ken will head up a day-long symposium on Histiocytosis. More than 60 Histio families are expected to attend.


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