Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 17: Missouri!

Today's ride report from Mojo:
The Big Fix today left the flat cornfields and entered the green and lush Flint Hills. The riders also said farewell to Kansas and hello to Missouri (a resurgent Greg won the stateline sprint). Among the highlights from today's 161 miles:
  • The riders found a bicycle museum, which was unfortunately closed when they rolled by
  • The route today turned onto Old Hwy 50, a road that included a three-mile-long gravel section
  • Three guest riders joined the ride for a short stint in the paceline: Bill Burns, Bill's friend "D-1," and Mary James, who flew out from Davis, CA, to join the ride. Mary was riding a fixie owned by Sandy B, who rode out with the Big Fix on Day One.
  • Lunch was in Louisburg, MO. Mary bought Mexican food for everyone.
  • Almost everyone in the peloton is now riding on Brooks saddles--Sandy's bike was cannibalized for its Brooks today, which found its way onto Ricky's bike. Another new Brooks was also provided by Bill Burns for Greg
  • Two new support workers joined the ride today: former worker Christie's mom and aunt. Support workers now almost outnumber the riders!
  • New Big Fix rider JT has let us know that in addition to being a graduate student in linguistics, he is also a burlesque dancer. No dancing in the paceline has been reported yet ...
Tomorrow, the ride travels to Palymra, MO, the hometown of ride support worker Kim. The Big Fix will celebrate the Fourth of July there.


Blogger Thuli's said...

We are coming to see you! Race you to Springfield. We are leaving today so I think we might get there first! Joseph and Paige are ready to join the ride. Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

10:25 AM  

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