Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 24: "... And the Rains Came"

An exhausted Mojo called to report that the riders got a little wet on their trip to Lakewood, NY. First of all, it took the boys three hours to get out of Cleveland (the only big city on the entire trip). Shortly after leaving Cleveland, the rains began and kept up for about 60 miles. The skies cleared, then opened up again. Needless to say, everyone was soaked.
As the ride enters the East, the roads are also getting more topographically interesting. Translation: More hills. Rollers threw themselves at the riders all day, culminating in a mile-long, ten percent grade at the very end. The next few days call for more of the same ...
Mojo also reports that yesterday's Histiocytosis symposium was a success, with about 60 Histio families and half-dozen physicians in attendance. A ton of photos were taken--we'll post some as soon as we get them.


Blogger Twodalms said...

The hills across NY should not be too severe until you get to the Catskills - where they can be steep. I'm looking forward to meeting the riders at Tannersville, NY and riding across Massachusetts! Keep up the great work - both riders and the many volunteers that are helping out!!


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