Friday, July 14, 2006

Mojo's Last Report, Day 28

News from Mojo on his last Big Fix daily call in:
  • As usual for these last days, the ride ended up being longer (100 miles) and hillier (2,000 feet of additional climbing) than predicted.
  • The venerable Sheldon Brown rode the last few miles with the boys, accompanied by a group of messenger cyclists from Boston. Sheldon's wife, Harriett, also attended. It was Sheldon's first fixed-gear ride in nine months.
  • About 30 riders came out to usher the Big Fix into Boston.
  • Final stopping point was Fenueil Hall in Boston.
Total mileage for the Big Fix: 3,480 miles, with 135,000 feet of vertical gain.

The riders are now off to Maggiora's restaurant in the theater district for a big post-ride celebration.


Blogger Bill Burns said...

Hey now, BF'ers! A big high five to you all from Flyover Country(tm)! Here's best wishes to you all as you make your ways back across the fruited plain to your respective homes! - Bill Burns, Olathe, Kansas

6:50 PM  
Blogger Pastor Steve said...

Wish I could say how much respect and admiration our family has for all of you! Congratulations and thanks for all you did (all y'all!) for those of us who deal with this disease in our families.

God's blessings to you,

Steve, Kim, Daryl & Family
Longmont, Colorado

5:43 AM  
Blogger The Sanger Family said...

Congratulations on the Big Fix! We are forever grateful to all of you for taking the time and effort to raise awareness and much needed funds for histio research. THANK YOU!
Pam, Tom, Devin,& Patrick Sanger
Folsom, CA

8:05 AM  

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