Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 14: A Prairie Flower

Day 14 was another hot day on the prairie--104 miles from Eads, CO, to Scott City, KS. Once again, the scenery left much to be desired, so we concentrated on pacelining and working together against a nagging 3/4 headwind that dogged us all day. Lunch and dinner were provided by a Histio family who travelled all the way from Nebraska to feed us! Check out the photos below--their daughter, Claire, led us out from the lunch stop. Claire was diagnosed with Histiocytosis in several parts of her body, but is doing fine now. Big Fix rider Ken consulted on her case, as he does for many hundreds of Histio cases each year.
Today also saw the long arm of the law descend on the Big Fix ... We were just leaving Wichita County when the local sheriff pulled us over to let us know that our 3- or 4-abreast paceline (echeloning into that 3/4 headwind) had generated a few complaints. We tried to keep everything nice, but he ended up cuffing Bo. We begged, pleaded, and told him about the purpose of the ride, and he let Bo go with a warning and a request never to come back to Wichita County.*

* Bo didn't really get arrested.


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