Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finding That Sweet Spot ...

It shouldn't be any surprise to hear that all of the riders are suffering to some extent from, well, sore butts. We've put in more than 1,300 miles on fixed gears since we started, most of that sitting in the saddle, and with all the movement down there it's only natural that chafing and soreness happen. It's amazing how the normal concerns of daily life become less and less important, and you find out what really matters: finding the right way to sit on your saddle, making sure you have enough water and drink mix in your bottles, knowing where the top of the next hill is, and where the next rest stop will be. Anything else simply doesn't matter.
A word about one of our sponsors: Without the amazing lubricating power of Friction Zone from our sponsor, Brave Soldier, we would be in a world of hurt ...


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