Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day Five "Hard As Nails" Update

Riders and crew gathered around the hot tub tonight after scarfing down a stack of extra-large pizzas for the transfer of the "Hard As Nails" award. Here goes (hold on ...):
Paolo gave it back to Ike, who has been riding since Day Three with a separated shoulder. then gave it to Peter, in recognition of his hard riding and his ability to help others finish the ride with encouragement and long pulls at the front of the paceline. The HAN remains on Peter's neck for tomorrow's ride, an easy 88-mile trip to Tropic, Utah.
Reminder: To see all of the riders and view their profiles, go to While you're there, DONATE to the Big Fix! Yes, we are still in fundraising mode, so if any of our exploits seem worthy of monetary recognition, now is the time!


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