Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 15: Bo and Eric Say Goodbye, But the Fix Goes On

Bo and I (Eric) said farewell to the Big Fix today. We signed on for two weeks, and completed our journey. Six riders cotinued: Greg, Ike, Ricky G, Walt, Ken, and Mojo.
But ... the Big Fix blog will continue. Mojo and the other riders will be calling in reports from the road, and we'll keep posting them here. Look forward to some interesting news as the ride enters the last week--there are some hellacious stages coming up in the eastern states.
So--here is today's report:
At the start, young Claire Kee once again led out the paceline--but not until AHA president Jeff Towhill fulfilled a bet and rode her bike. She had to fight to get it back ...
The six Big Fix "full pull" riders stuck together today on the second day (and first full day) in Kansas. Yesterday's afternoon headwind had turned into a slight tailwind by the morning, although it shifted to a tailwind later in the day. The terrain was a repeat of yesterday--unrelentingly flat with a gradual downhill that never seemed to materialize.
The Kee family from Nebraska stuck with the ride for the second day (they'll be back tomorrow, too), provisioning a rest stop and making dinner for the riders. Their spaghetti yesterday was totally delicious.
The riders stopped briefly in Amy, Kansas, where an expedition to explore an abandoned school was interrupted by ... the owner of the school. The Big Fix almost had a repeat of yesterday's arrest (not really) of Bo.
Lunch was in Alexander, then it was on to Great Bend, where the riders were waiting for a girls' basketball tournament to end at the high school when Mojo phoned in his report.


Blogger Henrys said...

Thank You so much for keeping your Blog site going. It means so much to us back at home that would love to have been on the ride. My son (16) is still in treatment for LCH and your blog site lets us feel a part of the ride. We worry about the riders safety and will breath easier when the riders are at the finish line. Again we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Histiocytosis!
From the Henry's in Houston

7:31 AM  

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