Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day Eight Photos

Another day, another 127 miles from Hanksville, Utah, to Blanding, Utah. How can we describe the scenery? How about WOW! Another gorgeous day. And the difficultly? How about another WOW. Today's course included about 7,500 feet of climbing that included a section of uphill that lasted for 37 miles. But that wasn't the the end was an uphill section that included several long pitches of 8 percent grade--and an uphill, into-the-headwind finish that even Peter Burnett said was one of the hardest finishes he has ever done.
Histio doctor/rider Ken put in a stellar performance today. On one of the last steep pitches, Greg looked behind him as he crawled up the hill, expecting to see Mojo, only to find Ken nipping on his wheel. Ken was today's Hard As Nails recipient.


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