Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day Six: A "Rest" Day

Only 77 miles, "only" 4,000 feet of climbing. Yes, today was a rest day compared to the epic quests of days four and five. Tonight we are in Tropic, Utah, a small town at the edge of Bryce Canyon National Park. We arrived at about 4 pm after a "cruise" from Beaver that included several passes--we ascended to 7,920 feet today, our highest elevation so far.
In Beaver this morning, we came across what we thought was a new ride vehicle (see photo). It turned out to be for a spay-your-pet campaign. We decided to stick with our event.
In Panguitch, Peter made a new friend. He is totally out of control.
Today marked the first day of the Big Fix without Jill, our only female rider. Jill had struggled since the first miles of day one, and she decided last night to leave the ride.
Also today, Bo received bad news about his mother--she is in ill health, and he may need to leave the ride as well. All of the Big Fix family wishes her well.
Tomorrow is another big day--the mileage goes back up, and we're in for about 10,000 feet of climbing. We are all relishing the chance to relax here in Tropic.


Blogger Sandy B said...

So did you get Mojo "fixed"? What a perfect opportunity.

It is amazing that the two Big Fixes actually crossed paths!

I've had several people tell me about the pet neutering "Big Fix" because if you google "Big Fix" you get, but you also get .

5:32 PM  

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