Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day Six: Lunch in Panguitch

We're having lunch right now in Panguitch. More than half of today's ride is already done. Looking forward to an early finish and a restful afternoon.


Blogger along for THE RIDE - 453 said...

Hey Hey Hey Campy! Greetings from friends of "Mojo's"/Dr. Cosgrove, at Sutter-Yuba Mental Health. We are glad to hear that all is going well with the ride! Someone brought in a rumor this morning that you had to take a "detor" or "turn around"!?!? you know how rumors we are happy to hear that you are on schedule and doing well! Please give warm thoughts to "Mojo" (tell him "453") and that we will continue to follow the ride each day! Thanks for the daily updates. Sutter-Yuba Mental Health

2:18 PM  

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