Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 16: Last Full Day in Kansas

"A lot of fun, and a lot of wind" ... That sums up today's 151-mile ride to Emporia, Kansas. News from the riders:
  • Thanks to Bill Burns from the Fixed Gear Gallery (, Mojo has a new Brooks leather saddle that will make his riding much more comfortable over the last two weeks of the ride.
  • Ken showed amazing strength again today (reminiscent of his monster ride into Blanding, Utah), and seemed to be gunning for another Hard As Nails award. Ken and Ike gapped the group at one point, and even Mojo had to work hard to catch up.
  • Greg was getting down about Kansas and the lack of scenery ... he will hopefully perk up once the ride enters Missouri tomorrow.
  • The Kee Family ended their trip with the Big Fix today, having spent the last three days providing meals and rest stops for the riders. The Big Fix is very grateful for everything they have done for the ride.
  • A new rider--James Thompson--joined the Big Fix. James will ride to Boston, bringing the paceline back up to seven riders. James' mother, Rosemary, will also join the ride as a support driver.
  • Lunch was at Lake Marion, about 45 miles from Emporia.
Photos from today's ride coming soon!


Blogger David said...

Thanks Eric and Bros!!! keep us posted!!


10:39 PM  
Blogger Pastor Steve said...

Hey Eric and Bo,

You were in our stompin' grounds yesterday! Boulder's only a half-hour bike ride from Longmont, the way you guys pedal 'em off :)

Wish I could adequately express how deeply affected I was by sharing the ride with the team from Pueblo to Eads, CO. Maybe just to say that the sermon yesterday was powerful and that I've been out on the bike again every-other-day since.

Hopefully the group will sense our prayers and affection which will continue for a long time to come.

God's blessings to you all!

Pastor Steve and
the Easterday-McPadden Family

8:05 AM  
Blogger CampyOnlyGuy said...

Pastor Steve:
Meeting your family and helping you finish your first century was a pleasure, and certainly one of the high points of the Big Fix. Thank you again for your amazing hospitality and generosity.

1:53 PM  
Blogger mmtmsw said...

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8:06 PM  
Blogger mmtmsw said...

Greg -

We hear you are down and out about the flat world you are soaring by in the Midwest! Hang in there and remember to Jack and our family you are a HISTIO HERO!!!

To all the other riders -

Hang in there and know we cannot wait to meet you in CLEVELAND!

You all are heros to those of us fighting LCH! Every single pedal of that bike you all are riding brings us closer to a cure!!

Thank you! Keep riding!

~ Jeff and Melissa Thompson

8:08 PM  

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